4-6 March 04-06, 2015 Starting at 09:30am
Budapest, Hungary Budapest Congress Center

EWA Spring Days 2015

This sustainable development goal pays special attention to the most urgent issues of municipal water management, ranging from access to drinking water, through waste water treatment to flood protection. In addition, the new multi-annual financial framework of the EU started in 2014. This provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate the experiences and know-how gained from the thousands of water-related development projects, worth over 10 billion Euros, that have been completed during the 2007-2013 programming period as well as to look ahead at the plans for the 2014-2020 cycle.

The objective of the Budapest Water Conference 2015 is therefore to summarize the achievements of the recent period in the field of municipal water management, to discuss the timely challenges of the sector and to adopt recommendations for the planning period to come in the light of the new development goals. In this context, the conference will specifically focus on the long term financial and technological sustainability of water services and infrastructure. In addition, special attention will be paid to support activities that are indispensable for high quality water services, such as engineering services, customer services, finance, education and training, administrative capacity.    [Read more]


EU Water Policy Seminar – on the 3rd day of BWC

Water industry expo

There is an extremely great interest for Water Industry Expo will be held at venue of the Budapest Water Conference, due to the decreasing number of booth spaces available, interested exhibitors are welcome to register as soon as possible. info@budapestwater.org

On the third day of the event

On the third day of the event (6th March) parallell to the site visits and at the venue of the conference a new session is available: Company/product and technology presentation. For more information please write: info@budapestwater.org

Please follow the programme and take a look at the confirmed speakers: http://budapestwater.org/event/program/